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CAR FU: More Car Buying Tips for Women

Tip One:
Always pretend to keep your significant male friends in the loop…or they will insist on explaining to you how much money they could have saved you if only…(Only you need to know that they could not).

Tip Two:
Investigate completely which vehicle will make you smile every day just by looking at it. Try my product advisor This site features an eclectic mix of products, and ‘new cars’ is one of them. It utilizes an intuitive and progressive questionnaire, and will spit out twenty options for you. It deals only with new cars, which I recommend only for those who have too much money, but it will certainly point you towards makes and models.

Tip Three:
Investigate pricing to determine a good price and a great price. Use the vast databases of Autotrader and Cars to determine what the average market prices are, and check out any regional variances. You will not need to ask anyone what a fair price is, because you will know what they are selling for.

Tip Four:
Deal only with the internet department. They are used to negotiating a deal over the phone and are a bit less likely to mislead you or jerk you around.

Tip Five:
Always be ready to leave when they mislead you and jerk you around. If you make everything crystal clear and have your own financing in place, your contract should be simple and straightforward. Expect to pay for registration, a paperwork handling fee (’Doc. Fee’), and tax. That is it. Tell them in advance that you will leave right away if it is not correct, and be prepared to do so. You will not have to worry much as long as you are dealing with one of the reputed car buyers in Adelaide.

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