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Know The Basics Of The California Used Car Warranty

The majority of the states in the US have relative the same car warranty and used car regulations. However, this division of motor vehicles is not federally regulated and some states have slight variations in the laws. There are some basics that you need to know about the California used car warranty general policies.

California’s Lemon Law

California has in effect a lemon law for used and new cars. Dealers and manufacturers basically cannot legally sell a car that is a lemon. However, for warranties the California used car warranty laws do not apply. The lemon law only applies to new cars that still have the original manufacturer warranty. This means for the average consumer that is purchasing used cars that the warranty laws that are in effect with the California lemon law are not applicable and have no bearing on used cars.

California Emissions Law

California has a huge problem with smog and air pollution. A natural result of this problem is that the state has put into very stringent emissions control laws. It is imperative that if you are purchasing a used car that you determine if the car still meets all the California emissions laws. There should be a recent sticker under the hood of when the car was last inspected for emissions control. Additionally, the dealer or owner for the used car should provide you with a current copy of smog certification that is required by California Law.

Warranty coverage on emissions parts and controls is offered by the car manufacturer. But remember the lemon law of California? Just because the car has current emissions testing and smog certification does not mean that the used car has any type of continued coverage from the manufacturer for emissions and smog control. When purchasing a used car warranty, you will want to make sure that this section of the vehicle is covered since replacing and repairing these types of parts can become very expensive.

Age of the Used Car in California

The used auto should be a minimum of two years old and a maximum of six years old in order to qualify for a used car warranty of any kind, including extended warranty coverage. If the auto does not fall under this year specification the warranty company has the right to reject the application for warranty coverage.

Coverage by Used Car Dealer

Used cars that are bought for at least $3,000 are required to be repaired and serviced for free from the dealer for a minimum of 60 days or 3,000 miles depending on which one of these conditions is reached first. Used cars bought for less than $3,000 are required to be repaired for free from the dealer a minimum of 30 days or 1,500 miles depending on which one of these conditions is reached first.

Use of the Used Car in California

The used car dealer is only required to do the coverage of repairs if the used auto is not used for business purposes.

Cancellation of Used Car Contract

You cannot apply the three day cooling off period to new or used cars. Once the contract is signed you are legally bound to it.

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