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Own Home, Will Travel. Revealing the Well

IVHE or International Vacation Home Exchange is a new British based online home exchange network
created by its owner, Suzie Magnus. This is home exchanging brought right into the 21st century luxury
market with a unique concept that takes you beyond the traditional home exchange. A fully proactive
service and great flexibility arising from IVHE’s non-simultaneous exchange network are the key
emphasis of the business. Suzie says,

‘The home exchange business is a growing industry and a wonderful alternative way to travel to exotic
and exciting places. Your vacation home is allocated credits based on rental or possible rental income.
More credits are built up by hosting other members. The accumulated credits allow you to travel the
world, staying in fantastic locations and amazing properties owned by other IVHE members.’
‘IVHE’s website is filled with highly descriptive web pages making the choice of your next travel
adventure both informative and pleasurable to arrange.’

There are numerous benefits to this lifestyle, not the least being the cashless trade in homes. Most
luxury home exchanges are in superb locations and properties with the additional use of members’
cars/boats/bicycles etc. A maid service is not unusual, nor is the ready information on places to see and
things to do, often available from members or their house staff. Lastly, home exchanging is an exciting
way to emerge yourself into the local way of life.

If you love travelling, home exchanging appears to be a terrific way to do it. How else could you go skiing
in Aspen, relax in a gorgeous home in Bali and go wine tasting near a seaside villa in South Africa and
feel right at home doing so?

International Vacation Homes presents a myriad of opportunities for the well-heeled traveller to
experience countless adventures. As Suzie Magnus says,

‘It is like stepping into someone else’s lifestyle for a brief period.’

The large increase in the number of us with vacation homes has grown in the last few years. It looks as
though the home exchange industry is set to become the new age way to travel in the 21st century.

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