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Prepare Your Vehicle for International Car Transport

When it comes to international car transport, you want your vehicle to be treated with the utmost care by seasoned professionals. Many companies specializing in the international shipping of cars also make it possible to ship trailers and trucks, mobile homes, RVs, buses, watercraft, aircraft, and many types of equipment and machinery. Look for an international car transport company or truck rental Melbourne firmsĀ that is accredited and can give you the best deal possible.

To prepare your vehicle to be shipped internationally you need to make sure that your car is as operational and as safe as it can possibly be. Having a thorough safety inspection and making necessary repairs is a wise idea for everyone involved before you have your car shipped. Make sure no fluids are leaking as this could lead to other problems and you as the owner would be held accountable for the damage incurred.

Most international car transport regulations stipulate that cars be no taller than seven feet and have a minimum of four inches allowed for ground clearance which is necessary to both load the car and to unload it once it reaches its destination. It is essential to let the company you choose know if you have made any kind of alterations to your vehicle before international transport. These alterations could be for example, if the car has been lowered or if a four by four lift kit has been added.

Before a car is transported to another part of the world it must be inspected in the country of origin. It is essential that your vehicle is not just in excellent working order but is also as clean as possible both inside and out. A car that is being transported across international lines is allowed to have a minimum of a quarter tank full of gasoline, and no more because of safety concerns. As well before the car can be transported all alarm systems must be disabled and any electrical devices that are not attached must be removed. This includes radios, CD players, cassette players, et cetera.

Antennas in the car must be removed or fully retracted before the vehicle is deemed ready for international transportation. Any and all belongings of a personal nature must be removed from the car and the car’s trunk with the exception of necessary car parts such as a spare tire, a jack or booster cables. If you have a luggage rack, a bike rack or a ski rack it must be taken off of the car. Even if it is for example, the homemade variety fashioned out of wood, it must be taken off. If the international line your car will be crossing involves going to a warmer or colder climate than you are accustomed to, it is important to prepare your car before it sets off for its new home. This means topping up coolant/anti freeze, engine oil, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid and so on.

Once you car has arrived at its international destination as the owner you must carefully inspect it before the driver leaves it with you to guarantee that it was dropped off in the exact same condition that it was left in for transport. It is your responsibility to report any new damage done to your car to the company who handled the international transportation.

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