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The Essentials of Car Transport Services

Car transport services are the way to go if you are moving and do not have the time to transport your vehicle yourself. Also if you must fly to your destination you will need to employ car transport or Sydney airport limousines services to make sure your vehicle arrives on or before you do.

Always schedule your car transport approximately a month before you are to move. If you can schedule it five to six weeks in advance then all the better for the transport company as well as yourself. Most car transport services provide door-to-door service but this is not likely to be the case for smaller companies. As well, some companies cannot accommodate bringing a full sized truck into a small residential community and will ask you to meet them at a different location such as a shopping mall or garage. If you are unable to deliver your vehicle yourself then ask a trusted family member, friend, co-worker or neighbour to deliver it for you.

Always get ample insurance from the car transport company before the car is moved from one location to another. This is very important. When the driver drops off his car it is necessary for him to do a condition report (which is also known as a bill of lading). The bill of lading calls attention to any damage done to your car including scratches, dents and so on. The bill of lading needs to be signed by an employee at the car moving company as well as the individual who owns the car. The exact same type of inspection needs to be done when the car is delivered to the driver. Always examine the car carefully before signing the document because it is difficult to get money for damages if you have already signed the bill of lading before doing a thorough inspection.

It is always a good idea to shop around and get a number of different price quotes from a variety of companies before settling on which auto moving company you are going to go with. When shopping around always be prepared to give the companies certain information regarding the service you need. This information includes the kind of car you have, whether your car needs to be picked up by the company or whether you can deliver it yourself, where the car is to be transported to, the approximate date you wish to have your car transported on, the kind of auto transport service that you are interested in (such as door-to-door service or terminal-to-terminal service) and if you have any special requests (such as speedy delivery, or having the car delivered to somewhere other than your own residence, such as your workplace or a relative’s home). It is essential for your own peace of mind that you confirm the total cost of the car  before you make a deal with any company.

Not all car and dandenong taxi transport services are the same when it comes to payment. Some will require a deposit at the beginning; others will request full payment up front while others will not require you to pay until the car has been safety delivered to you. If a deposit is required when you first drop off your car usually companies expect you to pay with cash or a cashier’s check. If full payment is requested before the car is transported, it is wise to pay by credit card instead of cash, therefore you will have a clear paper trail to follow if you run into problems with the auto shipping company.

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