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The Many Options for Car Transport

Today more and more people are becoming business savvy when it comes to purchasing a car. Customers can do their research online and also do plenty of comparison-shopping before deciding upon the car that suits them best. Gone are the days where consumers had only the words of a car salesman to rely on in regards to warranties, mileage options, extra features and so on. One can now show up at a dealership armed with plenty of information about the type of car one wants to buy.

Car transport Perth however need still be done in a traditional manner. If you have bought a vehicle that is located in another city or even in another state, then you need to consider what options you have available for transporting your car to your residence.

One car transport option is the “fly-and-drive” option, which is excellent for those who enjoy a leisurely road trip and are not in a hurry to get from point A to point B. Whether you live a state away or halfway across the country, you are the best person to transport your car back home. This will also allow you to get used to how the car handles. Keep in mind that you have a warranty therefore if anything goes wrong on your drive home, you can always return the car. This is not the best car transport option for an older vehicle that is ten years or older. Before heading out on the open road, always have the car thoroughly inspected (this is especially the case if it is a used car). Always put your safely first.

Some newspapers feature a “road share section” where you can find a willing individual to drive your car from one side of the country (or one side of the state) to the other. It is a simple “labor for free-ride deal.” The person agrees to bring your car to you while you allow them free rein over your car for the duration of the trip and maybe throw in some money for gas for good measure. While this is a viable option, many people are not willing to trust just anyone with their car. If you can find a person you can trust to transport your car then do so as it is a way to save money.

There are trucking companies that will work to transport a car from one location to another, but this is usually only an option if you live within the United States. Compare prices from company to company to see what they have to offer. As far as car transport is concerned, the majority of passenger cars are transported by way of an “open” carrier which means there are usually ten or more cars being transported all at once. This option however can leave a car vulnerable to rocks, gravel, dust, dirt and any number of roadside hazards. For the most expensive cars around such as high-end models, collector cars and racecars, there is the “enclosed” trailer which carries fewer cars at once and affords more protection to each individual vehicle.

Transporting a car by train is an option that some people like. This option can be put to use in both Canada and the United States. Take the train for your holiday and upon arriving at your journey’s end your car will be waiting for you at the other end.

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